Selecting the Right Barcode Scanner

MSS Software offers a wide selection of barcode scanners, from economical units such as the USB barcode scanner to more complex devices such as the Bluetooth barcode scanner. We carry charge coupled devices (CCDs), imagers, and laser barcode scanners. Our barcode specialists are available to help you select the right model. Just call us at 800-428-8643.

By Type


We carry a full line of Wireless Bluetooth scanners with both 1D and 2D (imager) scanner engines. For use with POS or Industrial applications.

We also carry tethered
laser scanners and CCD
scanners that attach by
cord to a computer. The
captured data goes
directly into your PC.

By Manufacturer


Honeywell scanners have laser, linear and imager technologies and are
rugged and reliable.

CipherLab's barcode
scanners provide long
lasting, economical
service.  Their products
include both the
Bluetooth wireless
scanner and the tethered

Datalogic offers a wide
selection of both corded
and wireless barcode
scanners that fit the need

of almost any scanning