Trade Show Essentials

Trade shows are an exciting experience for businesses, especially new businesses still in their early stages of operation. Trade shows are an opportunity for fledgling businesses to develop their brand, generate leads, acquire new customers, make sales and generally grow their business. While the trade show experience can be exciting and full of optimism, it can also be a highly stressful event. The stress generated by trade shows is due to how critical they can be to the long term success of a business, particularly a small business that cannot afford many missteps in an increasingly competitive economy. One way to limit the stress involved in a trade show is for a business to have all of the equipment it needs well in advance of the day of the event. Having all of their ducks in a row can provide businesses with much needed peace of mind and free up valuable time and resources to focus on presentation. When it comes to trade show equipment, the actual products they intend to sell or props they intend to use in their service demonstrations are the first things that come to mind. There are many smaller items, however, that can contribute to the overall success of a trade show experience. Here is a look at the more subtle items that can help businesses leave a good impression with prospective customers and clients at a trade show.


Office Supplies


While more and more business is being done electronically, including networking and exchanging contact information, as well, there is still much to be said for having a stock of office supplies handy at a trade show. One never knows when a pair of scissors, extra writing utensils, a stapler or paper clips will make an unexpected difference in a customer interaction or in a last-second adjustment to presentation materials or informational handouts. Again, the peace of mind that comes with being prepared is often enough to have a significant, positive effect on a business owner’s overall trade show mindset.




Businesses in most industries are now expected to have at least some technological fluency. Demonstrating this tech savvy at a trade show can have a positive effect on a presentation and perception amongst other trade show attendees. One piece of tech equipment that comes in handy at a trade show is a digital camera. Of course, most smart phones are equipped with most of the features of a digital camera, but there is still a special quality involved in an actual camera. Not only can a camera film a company’s presentation, but it can also be used to take photos with customers and other attendees at the event. Both the presentation and the photos are potentially valuable, engaging content that can be posted to social media sites after the trade show. A tradeshow badge scanner is also a handy piece of equipment. Badge scanners can be used to scan the barcoded badges that many trade shows provide their attendees; their information is then stored, either by the scanner or by a software program it is synched to, for easy access after the trade show. Tradeshow badge scanners make the process of generating leads, tracking leads and following up after a trade show much more simple and efficient.




Other Items To Consider


Things like speakers, cleaning products, tool kits and aromatherapy products are also good options for the trade show exhibitor who wants to be thoroughly prepared. It is important to think of the trade show within the context of an overall business plan. Any item that will streamline the process on the day of the trade show or the follow-up process in the aftermath of the trade show might be considered a necessity.

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